Corrupting a man so that he's willing to commit murder
Ability to:
mentally erode away a person's morality

Corruption is the ability to mentally erode a person's morality so that they don't mind committing crimes or doing things they'd otherwise deem to be wrong.



The ability can be used to corrupt a person into doing anything. It doesn't control the victim, but it prevents them from realising that they otherwise wouldn't do what one suggests, and therefore they become much more malleable. A small amount of proximity and contact is needed to corrupt someone, and this proximity or contact is needed every now and again to prolong the effect. It is easier to corrupt someone to do something minor, e.g. more corruption would be needed to get a victim to murder someone, than to get them to steal. It is not impossible for the corruption to be broken, but it is severely difficult and would usually need outside influence. An example of an ability which could be used to break the effects of corruption is belief induction. If the corruption is not renewed occasionally, it will eventually wear away on its own accord.

Similar Abilities

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