Freezing a rose

Cryokinesis is the ability to create and manipulate ice.



Tracy Strauss

Tracy usually needs touch in order to freeze an object, however she has been able to let off ice from her body and freeze a room or house in the process. She is also able to create icicles in her palm and launch them at people. Her ability doesn't neccessarily require the presence of water, but this does seem to make its use easier. She is usually not affected by her own ability, not even cooled, but she found that her cold snap trapped herself in ice, and later turned herself completely into ice. Since her ice form melted and reformed, she has found that her ability seems to have advanced, in canon, World 2 and World 3, but not yet in World 8. She can now produce and control water, mimic water and will reflexively do so if hurt and also sometimes for emotional triggers. It could be that her ability is in reality full manipulation of water, and she simply manifested the aspect of manipulating its solid state first. She at first struggled to control the ability, but has since learned to control it, though she still sometimes struggles, usually due to emotional triggers.

Tracy Strauss Jnr

Tracy can use her ability to freeze and to create ice. She usually finds it easier if water is naturally present, but can also freeze without this. She seems immune to her own ability, and doesn't feel cold. At the moment, she needs contact to freeze something, but this will later advance. She can also form snow, and icicles to use offensively. She will never be able to manipulate water in its liquid or gas state, and will also never be able to mimic water, but she may learn to mimic ice. She's only recently manifested the ability, and often struggles to control it, especially when she doesn't have complete control over her emotions.

Adam Jones

Adam is able to spray freezing ice from his body or touch objects in order to freeze them. He too like Tracy is able to control water slightly with the advancement of this ability, and can mimic water. Mimicking water was the first use he made of the ability. He can control it well, and unlike Tracy has never frozen something accidentally or turned into water unintentionally, since manifesting. It is unknown if he would reflexively mimic water to avoid being injured or not.

Liz Jones

Liz has similar limits to her brother.

Keitaro Kiryuu

Keitaro has similar limits to Adam and Liz.

Peter Petrelli

Peter has the same limits as Tracy Strauss in World 2, World 8 and World 11. Only in World 2 can he currently manipulate liquid water, but he could develop this aspect in future in the other three worlds. He seems to find controlling the ability slightly easier, perhaps because he doesn't use it as often and its not as easily triggered. He also wouldn't mimic water reflexively when threatened, since he would regenerate instead. In World 3 he has mimicked it indirectly from James Walker, and therefore has similar limits to him and to Sylar.

Noah Gray

Noah has similar limits to Peter in World 2.

Abbie Gray

Abbie has similar limits to Peter and her twin.

Robert Max

Robert has similar limits to Tracy, but doesn't mimic water even after having deleted regeneration.

Lucy Scott

Lucy is skilled at freezing objects and can control her ability well.

James Walker

James was never witnessed using the ability. However, his limits could have been similar to Sylar's, or slightly weaker.


Sylar could use this ability to freeze any object rapidly. He froze James' body completely moments after gaining the ability. He has also since used the ability to freeze a road surface, to freeze a sword until the blade snapped, and to freeze water while spraying it so that it resembled snow. He did not always need contact to freeze something, but he did need close proximity. When he froze the road surface he had to lean out of the vehicle he was in to do so. He has never been shown manipulating liquid water or mimicking water.

Daniel Vaughan-Reist-Greene

Daniel would have similar limits to Tracy, but again seemed to find controlling it easier, and doesn't mimic water reflexively. He is yet to use it deliberately.

Kestrel Low

Kestrel has used this ability to produce shards of ice which he used offensively, and also to block a taser. The shards could be deflected and broken by a forcefield.

Leo Castern

Leo would have had the same limits as Kestrel. He used the ability to freeze a room, and to trap people in ice without harming them.

Joshua Evans

Since Joshua gained the ability from Tracy in World 8, his limits are similar to hers. He can only create and mimic solid ice. However, he has never seemed to struggle to control the ability, or lost control of it due to his emotions.

Jessica Sky Petrelli

Similarly to Tracy, Jess can only create and manipulate solid ice currently, but may learn to manipulate and produce liquid water in future. She has never displayed the ability. She also has never appeared to lose control of it. She will never mimic water reflexively in response to a threat, since she would regenerate instead.

Cassie Daniels

Cassie will initially be able to create ice and manipulate existing ice. She will be able to project icicles from her hands, freeze with a touch and cause ice to spread outwards. Later, she will begin to mimic ice, liquid water and steam, the physical state depending on her emotional state at the time. She will also learn that she is able to manipulate water and steam.

Similar Abilities

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