Danielle Grace2

Danielle Grace is one of three characters role-played by Blazingphoenix on World 1


She has dark brown hair and eyes.  Average built with a scar below her lip.  She is of Asian descent


Dad:  Tony Grace

Mum: Mary Grace

Youngest sister: Michela Grace

Younger sister: Nicole Grace

Adopted sister: Olivia Grace

Brief History

She manifested aged 12 after she was being bullied.  Her power caused her to manipulate the bully's auma so drastically that it was irreversible.  After this incident, she started seeing light surrounding people and a figure floating above them.  This lead her to discover that her best friend Suzanna also had a power.  Apart from Suzanna, no one knew about her ability, not even her family.  A few years after on her 16th birthday; she was taken by B26, but she escaped, hijacking the plane and making a new friend/future sister, Olivia.  She joined the rebellion and helped others like her escape and go into hiding.  She was with the negotiating team during the fall of B26.  Olivia joined their family soon after she had been reunited with them.


Her ability is Aura and Auma manipulation.  This allows her to see and control the feelings of others (excluding love), travel to a different dimension (also accessible to people who have feelings connected powers, excluding EM), form balls of aura energy and perform a form of torture.  Her power also allows her to borrow a single power from another evolved human, not evolved humans with multiple powers though


She can perform a variety of different things with her power, making her quite powerful.  The fact that she can borrow a power from another EH means that she can change to get the upper-hand if the power is there.


The longer she has the borrowed power, the weaker it becomes.  If she uses it in its weak form, it could end with disastrous result (eg.  Teleporting into the wall).  She also cannot use any aspect of her original power (except aura and auma sight) when she is using a borrowed power.