The Defining Coven was a small, strange coven of type one vampires in World 4: Vampires and Wolves. Unlike most covens, its members did not view each other as family or even as close friends, and they did not live together, meeting only when deemed necessary. Several members left to join the Firelock Coven Guard, and the coven was destroyed when almost all remaining members were rapidly killed by Hunters and their enslaved vampiric captives.


This coven was a strange one, designed for a single purpose. Almost all members of the coven were selected, and invited to join, on behalf of this purpose. They would keep watch on all events in the supernatural world, and if a significant event occurred, they would meet and discuss how to interfere or influence. Among their decisions was the one to support the new world leadership of the Firelock Coven, as shown when they interfered and warned Tomas Reddan of an attack which would have otherwise killed his wife, the Queen Tannith Reddan.


Mammoth Cave Entrance

the entrance into the cave

The coven had no real home, and the majority of its members lived separately, meeting only officially. However, the leading triumvirate lived together, in the cave which served as the coven's meeting place. This was large, grand cave, miles from any known civilisation. There were mountains all around, making it impossible for any humans to be able to reach it. The cave is now abandoned, with their ashes still within.

Known Former Members

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