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Deflecting away a disintegration beam
Ability to:
deflect away attacks and abilities

Deflection is the ability to consciously deflect away any ability or attack aimed at oneself.



Ishi Nakamura

Ishi's ability deflects other abilities and attacks when she uses it. She can activate it by using her hand, and she can also form a shield around herself similar to a forcefield when under extreme attack. The abilities are deflected away from Ishi, but this shield can weaken when under a lot of pressure, and the ability can also be neutralised itself by an immunity or by shielding. As Ishi also has the ability of advanced empathy, the two abilities have combined meaning that she automatically deflects empathic abilities, and cannot consciously deactivate this effect. Therefore, her emotions can't be sensed or manipulated, her abilities can't be mimicked using empathic mimicry, and both advanced empathy and empathy don't work on her. Although it has only been used to show deflecting abilities, the ability can also be used to deflect projectiles coming towards Ishi.

Sofia Sanchez-Hawkins

Sofia will be able to deflect abilities, attacks and projectiles away from herself. She will access the ability by raising her hand protectively, but will also be able to use it by focusing her eyes at need. If a person is near her, she will be able to deflect attacks and abilities away from him or her too, but this will not work if the person is distant from her. She will always need to deflect consciously.

Similar Abilities

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