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Deleting people from existence
Ability to:
remove things from existence

Deletion is the ability to remove various things from existence.



Unnamed Organisation Agent

When this agent first manifested this ability, he was only able to delete abilities. He later developed the ability to delete objects, and was shown deleting a dragon which had been created using command.

Olivia Bennet

Olivia is known to have accidentally used this ability to delete the effects of defensive abilities used to hide and protect her, and to be capable of deleting electronic information, abilities and memories. The ability can also be used to kill a person by deleting their existence, and then it seems it would be impossible to recreate them, since the person would only reappear briefly before being removed from existence once more. Deleted objects and people, however, do still remain in the memories of others. Her ability usually requires proximity to work. It is unknown whether she would be capable of consciously preventing the repetitive re-deletion, or if this is an automatic part of the ability.

Abbie Gray

Abbie is yet to use this ability, but would have similar limits to Liv.

Noah Gray

Abbie also is yet to use this ability, but again would have similar limits to Liv.

Leah Bennet

When Leah possessed this ability while in her aunt's form, she would have had similar limits to her twin sister. She used it to delete Abbie's existence.

Unnamed Primatech Agent

This agent was listed as possessing this ability in Primatech files, and used it to delete this information. The ability could also delete abilities.

Robert Max

Robert has similar limits to the agent, and uses this ability to delete other abilities from himself, such as regeneration, which he doesn't want to possess.

Peter Petrelli

Peter would have similar limits to Liv in World 2, and similar limits to the agent in World 8. He hasn't yet used the ability in World 8, but in World 2 he has used it once to delete his own existence, and subsequently used it to delete the ability of intuitive aptitude from himself after he was saved.

Flynn Bennet

Flynn is likely to have similar limits to his sister.


Fred was shown to be capable of deleting people from existence and deleting specific abilities from them. His ability had a defensive mechanism which meant that if anyone tried to use an ability on him while he was trying to access deletion, he would reflexively delete the ability they were trying to use. Because of this, he deleted path manipulation from Peter Petrelli, Abbie Gray and Noah Gray when he tried to delete them from existence.

Dean Petrelli

Dean will be capable of deleting information, memories, abilities, objects and people from existence. He will normally need to point towards a person or object in order to aim the ability, and will need to touch a person's head to delete memories or abilities. However, with strain he will be able to occasionally delete without aiming in this way. He will be able to delete from himself as well as from other people, and will once accidentally delete his other abilities before they are returned to him. He will be able to selectively target information, memories and abilities for deletion.

Chiyoko Nakamura

Chiyoko will be capable of deleting the abilities of others, permanently removing them from existence. She will also be able to delete knowledge, information and memories in the same manner. Additionally, she will be capable of deleting objects and even people from existence. However, this final aspect will be draining for her, so that she will use it only rarely, and will usually prefer to be augmented if possible before doing so.

Similar Abilities

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