A woman being deprived of oxygen
Ability to:
absorb oxygen

Deoxygenation, also called oxygen absorption, is the ability to absorb the oxygen from the air into one's body, leaving the surrounding area with less or even no oxygen.


  • Soma Herrera has this ability naturally.
  • In the explosion timeline of World 3, a middle school student was said to have this ability.
  • Paul Cooper will have this ability naturally.


Soma Herrera

Soma is able to absorb the oxygen from the air, therefore he can cause people to suffocate in enclosed rooms. Using this ability he doesn't need any specific breathing movements or use of his lungs to get oxygen, as he can absorb it into his body through his skin. He can store this oxygen in order to survive underwater or in low oxygen pressures for a while, but he cannot do so indefinately since the oxygen would eventually run out. However, he can remain underwater for longer than humanly possible.

Future Child

In the future where the explosion had occurred, a child was said to have this ability and had absorbed all the oxygen out of the air in his class, leaving the pupils and teachers in the room dead. It is believed that this was his first manifestation of this ability, and most likely an accidental use.

Paul Cooper

Paul will be able to absorb all of the oxygen out of an area. When he uses this ability, all of the oxygen will be drawn towards him and drawn into his body through his skin, leaving other people struggling to breathe and suffocating. He will not need to make any gestures to absorb the oxygen. He will also be able to hold his breath for longer than usual because of this ability.

Similar Abilities

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