Diamond Aura
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Hira's diamond aura blocking telepathic interference
Ability to:
possess an aura known as diamond, which gives mental and empathic immunity

Diamond aura is the ability to possess the aura known as "diamond", which blocks mental and empathic abilities.



Hira Spektor

Hira's diamond aura gives her immunity to all empathic and mental abilities, but also strengthens when she is in her diamond form, or when she is scared or frightened. The aura also strengthens her diamond shield, giving it the same properties. She had no idea of its existence until others remarked that they couldn't read her mind or mimic her abilities. It's not known if this aura can ever be taken away from her or controlled. It can be seen through abilities which can see various auras, and can be identified thus.

Kathie Parkman

Kathie will possess an aura which will block all empathic and mental abilities. At first, it will be automatic and constantly active, but she will learn to lower it when she is fifteen. After then, she will be able to let abilities affect her if she chooses to, unless she is in a particularly defensive mood, which will cause it to become constant again.  The aura will be visible to those who can see auras, and will appear like a thin layer of diamond in front of her. She is likely to have inherited the ability from Hira, her half-great-aunt.

Similar Abilities

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