Diamond Intangibility
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Passing through a wall by turning it to diamond
Ability to:
pass through solid matter by transforming it into diamond

Diamond intangibility is the ability to pass through solid matter whilst transforming the matter into diamond.



Hira Spektor

This ability works when Hira touches an object and wishes to pass through. She then turns the object into diamond, and is able to pass through it. Once she's passed through, the object will then return to its natural state. It seems that Hira can use this ability on almost anything, allowing her to phase through any matter by turning it into diamond. No material has been shown which she couldn't use this ability on. However it isn't known how long it takes for this ability to work or if she is intangible through natural diamond. Also, it isn't known if Hira is able to turn liquids into diamonds and then pass through these too.

Mick Sanchez-Hawkins

Mick will be able to pass through any solid object if he has turned it into a diamond state first. He will touch the surface with his hands and it will begin transforming into diamond, spreading out from the area his hand was in contact with. He will then be able to walk through the diamond easily. Anything which is in contact with him at the time can also pass through, therefore he will be able to take objects and passengers with him. The diamond state will fade away once he and anyone or anything with him has passed through entirely. He could never become trapped, or trap someone else. The process will be quick, only taking a few seconds no matter how large the area he wants to turn into diamond and pass through. His ability will be derived from his grandfather's ability of phasing, and will also be linked to his twin sister's hydrophilic intangibility.

Similar Abilities

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