Diamond Mimicry
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Hira mimicking a diamond state
Ability to:
transform oneself into diamonds

Diamond mimicry is the ability to mimic a diamond state.



Hira Spektor

The ability lets Hira transform her body into a diamondlike state. The transformation is instantaneous, and it grants her enhanced strength, durability and stamina. With contact, the ability can be extended upon others; Hira can extend to up to three others. Whilst in the diamond form, her body remains flexible and she is able to run and move like normal, but has impenetrable diamond skin. However, whilst in diamond form, she cannot access some of her other abilities, such as diamond manipulation, and she could still be harmed by extreme temperatures and high force. She can also only transform her entire body at once.

Kalya Suresh

Kalya's ability enables her to instantaneously turn into a diamond form. She can transform as much of her body as she wants to, whether her entire form or just a limb. Her skin becomes impenetrable and much stronger, but she is still flexible and can run and move freely. She can also make other people mimic diamonds.

Laisha Markell

Laisha was briefly shown transforming into a diamond form while fighting against Organisation agents. Her entire body turned to diamond, and attacks bounced off her skin. The ability also blocked an attempt to use human manipulation to subdue her, and strengthened her so that she could throw an agent up into the air.

Peter Petrelli

Peter has similar limits to Kalya.

Noah Gray

Noah also has similar limits to Kalya.

Abbie Gray

Abbie also has similar limits to Kalya.

Similar Abilities

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