Dimensional Storage

Producing a baseball bat from storage
Ability to:
store objects in other dimensions

Dimensional storage is the ability to put objects into other dimensions for storage and safe-keeping, and then retrieve them.



"Charlie Levasseur"

Charlie has been shown retrieving several items after having previously stored them in another dimensions, including crash mats used to break a fall.


All that is known is that "Store" possesses this ability, and that it is likely to be the source of his or her nickname.

Rachelle Petrelli

Rachelle will be capable of temporarily storing objects in other dimensions. When she activates the ability, the chosen object will vanish immediately, and when she retrieves it the object will reappear as if from thin air. She will often use it to keep objects safely hidden, or simply to enable himself to access something more easily. There will be no limit to the number of objects she can store, or how long she can keep them. However, she will be unable to store any living things in this manner, and will kill them if she attempts to do so.

Sully Morgan

Sully's ability will enable him to store objects in other dimensions for safe-keeping. He will then be able to access them again at will, simply by thinking of the stored object and choosing to retrieve it. There will be no maximum amount of objects he can store. However, it will be impossible for him to store any living thing in the same manner. If he attempts to do so, nothing will happen.

Peter Petrelli

Peter uses the ability less often than Charlie or Robert, but has similar limits to the other 2.

Robert Max

Robert has used this ability on multiple occasions to store objects and to keep them hidden. He used the ability when he proposed to Elle.

Cale Eaton

Cale has been shown retrieving clothes which he had previously stored in another dimension. He doesn't seem to use the ability that often.

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