Disintegration Touch
Disintegration touch

Felicia's hand becomes fiery
Ability to:
cause objects and creatures to disintegrate by touching them

Disintegration touch is the ability to cause objects and living creatures to disintegrate and fall apart by touching them.



Felicia Brooks

Felicia needed a small amount of physical contact to use her ability, and could control when it activated and when it didn't. She had a lot of skill with it, being a company agent. When she would activate the ability, it'd show as a fiery orange light encirling her hand. The ability could work on living humans, and she therefore used it offensively to kill, and often as a potent threat.

Loretta Sanchez-Hawkins

Like Felicia, Loretta will be able to disintegrate objects with a small amount of physical contact. She will only need the smallest touch, for little more than a second. Her hand will glow when she uses the ability, and whatever she touches will quickly fall apart and turn into small particles. She will be able to consciously control her ability and choose whether or not she wants to disintegrate something. However, it is unknown whether she will also be able to use the ability on living beings.

Similar Abilities

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