Distorting two women
Ability to:
distory reality and change anything
Adam Brody

Gabriella Bennet (via intuitive aptitude, lost)

Unnamed Villain

Distortion is the powerful ability to distort reality, changing almost anything.



Adam Brody

Adam could use this ability skilfully, and was often seen using it to gain revenge, discovering his enemies' worst fears using information production then distorting reality to make them become true. He also used the ability to distort people out of existence, to disguise himself and to change his surroundings in order to make them more luxurious. It is likely that he could have potentially done anything with this ability, limited only by his own imagination and creativity.

Gabriella Bennet

Gabriella used the ability to counter Adam's attacks, to distort away his existence, and to repair the damage he'd done in his revenge, including making several people exist once more. Afterwards, fearing the power of the ability, she used it against itself to make herself lose it.

Unnamed Villain

This villain distorted reality to alter the past, preventing Dani Millbrook from having saved Lowri Petrelli years after the event occured. This effectively created an alternate timeline, into which all individuals who would have survived in that timeline were transferred, making them vanish out of reality. The effect was only reversed when Abbie and Noah Gray portalled into the new timeline and altered events there so that it again mirrored true happenings.

Similar Abilities

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