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Dominic as a child

Dominic Cameron Parkman is a character used by Lowri in the future of World 11: Villains. He will be the youngest son and child of Daphne and Matt Parkman Snr. His abilities will be Mimicry Adaptation, Replication and Fear And Desire Detection.


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Dominic as an adult

Dominic's hair will initially be a sandy golden blond, but it will darken as he ages and become brown. His eyes will be a very light shade of blue. He will have a pale skin tone throughout his life. His physique will be slender and he will be the tallest of all his siblings.


Dominic's first ability will be Mimicry Adaptation. This ability will enable him to counter any form of mimicry by gaining the ability which can manipulate the mimicked substance. For example, when close to a water mimic he would gain hydrokinesis, and when close to any metal mimic, including abilities such as gold mimicry, he could get metallokinesis. However, he could only gain one ability at a time. If 2 mimics are present, or if the person near him possesses more than one mimicking ability, he must consciously choose which to gain.

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Replicating a man

His second ability will be Replication. The ability will enable him to replicate himself as many times as he wishes to do so, and will also let him replicate other people and objects. The clones produced will always be capable of independent action. There will be no way to distinguish between a clone and an original, and a clone will not die or disappear if the original dies. There will also be no maximum amount of times the object or person could be replicated.


Sensing a woman's fear of being burned alive

His third ability will be Fear And Desire Detection. Dominic's ability will enable him to sense the fears and desires of others. It will be consciously controlled, and he will need to be able to see the individual. The knowledge will then appear instantaneously in his mind. The strongest fears and desires will be revealed first, but if he focuses further he could learn of weaker or more transient fears, worries and desires. 

Family & Relationships

History & Future


Dominic is a Latin name meaning "lord". His middle name, Cameron, is a Gaelic name meaning "crooked nose", despite his nose being straight and unbroken. It is also the name of a clan in the Scottish Highlands. His surname of Parkman may refer to a park-keeper or someone who owns or works in a park.

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