Electrical Absorption
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Absorbing an electrical attack
Ability to:
absorb and release electricity
Teenage Patient

Benjamin Franklin

Vincent Matthews

Katie Greene (via intuitive aptitude)

Electrical absorption is the ability to absorb electricity and then release it out.


  • A teenage patient was shown to have this ability naturally.
  • Benjamin Franklin also possessed this ability naturally.
  • Vincent Matthews will possess this ability naturally.
  • Katie Greene will take the ability from Vincent.


Teenage Patient

The ability enabled this boy to absorb electricity, from synthetic sources and from lightning, and then to subsequently release it as electrical arcs springing from the skin. However, he couldn't generate electricity without having absorbed it earlier, unlike electrokinesis. He was shown absorbing electricity from various sources in the hospital where he was a patient and subsequently releasing them in arcs, disrupting the medical equipment throughout the building. He didn't seem able to control it or prevent himself from using it.

Benjamin Franklin

Franklin could absorb and release electricity similarly to the unnamed boy. He first absorbed electricity accidentally when struck by lightning, and later released enough electricity to kill a cat.

Vincent Matthews

Similarly to Franklin and the boy, Vincent will often struggle to control his ability, and will absorb and release electricity without intending to do so. He will eventually resort to negating himself.

Katie Greene

Unlike the others who possess this ability, including Vincent whom she will gain it from, Katie will swiftly learn to prevent any accidental release of electricity. However, she will always absorb any electricity she comes into contact with, and will be unable to produce electricity without absorbing it first.

Similar Abilities

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