Electrical Conversion
Absorbing electricity

Absorbing electricity
Ability to:
absorb electricity, release it and convert it into other energy forms

Electrical conversion is the ability to absorb electrical energy and release it either as electricity or other types of energy.



Characters who possess this ability reflexively absorb any electricity they come into contact with, and store the resulting energy in their bodies. As a result, they can never be harmed by electricity. They can then release the energy at will, either as electricity, or in a variety of other forms. It can be released as heat and light, creating fire as displayed by the villain, or as sound, creating a sonic blast. It can also be released as a kinetic blast, which is what Layton did when he first manifested this ability. The control of the converted energy forms is usually slim at first, but can be learned, just like learning to control any other ability which would produce them. However, if the energy is stored for too long it will dissipate and be lost.

Similar Abilities

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