Electronic Communication
Hana's call to arms

Hana can see electronic data
Ability to:
intercept, interpret and generate digital transmissions
Hana Gitelman

Richard Drucker

Ella Meers

Abbie Gray (via empathic mimicry)

Noah Gray (via empathic mimicry)

Peter Petrelli World 2 (via empathic mimicry)

Electronic communication is the ability to intercept, generate, and interpret electronic, digital, and radio transmissions with one's mind.



The people who possess this ability are able to visualise and see electronic and digital data and signals, and do so effortlessly. As well as this, they can understand what the data means, interpret it easily and accurately, manipulate the signals and communicate using them by producing new signals. It also seems that Hana and Drucker were able to travel into a computer's mainframe by becoming pushkas, a form of virtual existence.

Similar Abilities

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