Electronic Projection
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Using electronic projection to communicate
Ability to:
travel mentally and spiritually as an electronic current and thus travel through wiring and electronic implements

Electronic projection is the ability to travel mentally and spiritually as an electronic current, moving through wiring and electronic implements.



Darrien Steffan Petrelli

Darrien manifested this ability when he was a few days old, using it to project into a stereo. He requires contact with electronic equipment or wiring, and and is then to travel mentally in an electronic form, leaving his body unconscious. He can use it to escape harm, since his body is left in a state of limbo when he projects. He can also access electronic data this way, communicate through machines and manipulate their functions. He seems to have good control of the ability for his age, and can project at will. He only projects when deciding to do so, and has already used the ability to communicate extensively and to manipulate machines. However, the distance he has travelled when projecting has been short, only a few metres. This may extend in future.

Bradley Parkman

Bradley will be capable of projecting his mind into electrical devices and wiring. He will need physical contact to do so, and will leave his body in a temporary state of limbo. Using the ability, he will be able to gain information and communicate electronically, as well as manipulating the function of any electronic machine he accesses. There will be no limit to the distance he can project, but the electronic devices and wiring will have to be interconnected - he won't be able to leap in an electronic form. There will also be no limit to the amount of time he can project for.

Peter Petrelli

Peter is yet to display this ability.

Abbie Gray

Abbie also hasn't used this ability yet.

Noah Gray

Noah too hasn't used this ability, like his uncle and his twin sister.

Similar Abilities

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