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Generating large amounts of electricity
Ability to:
manipulate fire, air, water, earth and electricity

Elementas is a highly advanced manipulation of the five elements of earth, air, water, fire and electricity.



Lewis Leo

Lewis is very skilled at this ability, and has developed it a lot. In addition to creating and manipulating the five elements, he can also combine them to make himself invisible, emit radiation and give himself increased speed and strength. He can also fly and recover from any injury. It also enables him to heal from most injuries and illnesses, but elementas does not prevent him from ageing normally or from dying of age at the end of his lifespan, and Lewis can still be killed with radiation. He could also lose control of the ability and explode, dying in the process. The ability seems to be very difficult to remove, and often returns in time even after being deleted or stolen, as shown in Lewis' case. Controlling it along with an additional ability seems to be almost impossible, as shown by how Lewis lost control after it returned after he'd replaced it with synthetic empathic mimicry. The second ability had to be deleted to prevent him from exploding and dying.

Aodhán Erikson

Aodhán is skilled with his ability, but is yet to experiment much with its limitations. He can create and manipulate all five elements, and can use them to increase his speed and also fly using the element air. Later, he will be able to cloud himself using the elements, eventually to the extent of becoming invisible. He has little difficulty controlling his ability, but will do later, when he tries to experiment with it.

John Falcon

John's use of this ability was slightly more limited than the other two. He could create any of the five elements quite easily, and could also create more than one at the same time, then controlling the mix. He normally used the ability offensively. He could also manipulate air in order to fly himself and move objects, but he never learned to manipulate air in order to hide himself or carry sounds to himself, and neither did he learn to create air barriers since he could block more easily with his ability of blocking.

Similar Abilities

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