Elle Calwin
WK-AO932 FILMJU G 20090305142530
Mother - Tracy Strauss

Father - Jack Calwin

Elle Calwin is an evolved human and the only child of Jack Calwin and Tracy Strauss.


Elle was conceived during the explosion timeline, and when her parents learned that others were attempting to alter time and reverse this timeline, they both travelled back in time in order to save their child. Elle was then born shortly after the day the explosion was due to occur.

Evolved Human Abilities


Singularity is the ability to only have one copy of oneself. This means that there will only ever be one of herself, meaning that she can't be mimicked in anyway, by appearance or by ability. Also illusions cannot produce exact duplicates of her. It means that she can't be copied in anyway possible.

Ability manifestation

Elle also has the ability to manifest latent abilities early. This means that people who are yet to evolve can be evolved earlier than planned by using this ability. In order for this to work, Elle must touch the person and manifest their abilities early. This produces a white spark.


Another ability that Elle has, is the power to make herself seem vulnerable to others. This implants an illusionary thought into people's mind that makes her seem vulnerable, when she actually is not. This aids her as she can make herself seem weaker than what she is and also trick anybody who has vulnerability linked power absorption.

Astral premonition

Her last ability is the power to astral project into one's visions. This allows her consciousness to travel into a premonition into the future, that allows her to interact into them. This means that she can see the future and also be in there, consciously.

Physical Appearance

Elle's eyes are a bright blue, and her skin tone is currently pale. She's likely to have blonde hair, since both of her parents do.


The name Elle is a French name which means "she". It is also a shortened variant of several names, such as Ellen meaning "bright light", and Elizabeth meaning "My God is a vow". Her surname is also French, and means "bald".

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