Burning the home of one ex-agent

This was a small group, founded in World 1 by Jasper Ellis to combat the group of ex-B26 agents who'd returned to that work.


The group was originally founded only to combat Leit's group. They would use Jasper's ability of precognition to know who the next targets were, and they would warn these, help them hide and fight to protect them. However, as time wore on, these tactics grew less and less successful. The purpose turned to something more pre-emptive, and then finally to gaining revenge.


The group was based mainly in New York city, where several of its members lived. At one time, it is known that they based themselves in an abandoned warehouse.


Brief History


The burning base

The group was founded after Jasper Ellis escaped the captivity of Leit's group. He searched for more evolved humans, to warn them, and several chose to help him fight. Amongst these were Sanders and Sean O'Brien. For a while, they continued only to warn more of their kind, and fight for them when they could, but thought of revenge grew within some. Sanders' niece Molly joined after the rest of her family were either captured or killed by Leit. The group attacked one agent in his home, burning him and his family alive - although Sean was unaware of the event, and Molly had been told that the house was empty. This event drew the attention of the New Company. It also exposed the group's corruption to Sean when his fiancee Sinead informed him of it. Because of this, he became an informer for the New Company. However, he was captured, and imprisoned by the group, as were Sinead and Rooreru when they attempted to free him. During this captivity, they spoke with Molly, and exposed the truth to her. Overcome, she released them, and then burned herself and the other members alive. They were revived, and Sanders and Ellis are now captives of the New Company.

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