Understanding how to repair a broken watch
Ability to:
understand how everything works

Elucidation is the ability to understand how everything works.



This ability lets the individual understand and explain the workings of any system. It lets that person understand all machinery, and to some extent understand the variables of time and cause-and-effect. One can easily comprehend all human behaviour, what motivates a person, and can identify an ability and its strengths and weaknesses. One can also use it to interpret events, to accurately predict the effects of one's actions, and to fight more effectively by improving one's tactics.

Similar Abilities

  • Intuitive aptitude is the similar ability which also enables one to understand and copy abilities after examining the brain or empathising with the owner
  • Claircognizance can be used to understand how some things work
  • Intuition is the ability to intuit knowledge about people, places, events and objects
  • Intuitive empathic replication is the ability to mimic abilities and then intuit how to use them

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