Empathic Ability Replication
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Replicating an ability
Ability to:
replicate a singular ability from any person one has an emotional connection with

Empathic ability replication is the ability to replicate any ability from an individual the character has an emotional connection with.



Rhiannon Susan Maxxted

Rhi can only replicate one ability at a time. When she replicates another, she loses the previous one. She seems to be able to control which ability she replicates, and can touch others without replicating. She needs to have formed an emotional connection with the individual before she can replicate an ability from him or her. When she uses this ability, a white light emerges from her hand, and she's temporarily copied the ability she was targeting.

Daniel Vaughan-Reist-Greene

Daniel has never used the ability, and would have no need to do so since he would have mimicked any ability before he could get the contact necessary to replicate.

Similar Abilities

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