Energy Absorption, Transference And Redirection
Energy absorption

Mindy absorbs radioactive energy
Ability to:
absorb energy, and release it out
Mindy Sprague

Energy absorption, transference and redirection is the ability to absorb energy on a cellular level, aggregate it and redirect it externally.


  • Mindy Sprague had this ability naturally.


Little is known of this ability, since it was only displayed briefly. However, Mindy was able to absorb all the radioactive energy from a malfunctioning TMI reactor, and redirect it by blasting a hole through the wall and ceiling and causing a blizzard outside for many thousands of miles. She was also shown demonstrating the ability by making her hands glow, with no other effect. In a large use of the ability, her entire body glowed so that her skeleton was visible. She didn't seem able to store large amounts of energy without releasing it. It is unknown if this ability played any factor in her death, which was caused by a form of cancer.

Similar Abilities

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