Energy Blasts

Karyn producing a kinetic blast
Ability to:
produce blasts or bolts of energy

Energy blasts is the ability to produce powerful blasts or bolts made out of different forms of energy.


  • Karyn Petrelli will have this ability naturally.
  • An unnamed villain in World 2 has possessed this ability naturally.
  • Darcie Alexander will also have this ability naturally.


Karyn Petrelli

Karyn will be able to produce powerful blasts of energy from the palms of her hands, and send them outwards by extending her arm with her hand facing outwards. She will be able to choose the form the energy takes. She will be capable of producing kinetic blasts which throw their target backwards, blasts which scorch, burn or electrocute their target, sonar blasts and light blasts.

Unnamed Villain

The villain was shown throwing powerful blasts of fire and electricity from his hands. He produced this mix reflexively, but could also choose to vary his attacks if he wanted to. It is unknown exactly what other effects he could produce. 

Darcie Alexander

Darcie will be capable of projecting blasts of various energies from the palms of her hands and throwing them outwards. She could create blasts of heat and fire, kinetic energy, electricity and sonic energy. During her childhood, she will often struggle to control which form of energy she produces, and most of the time she will actually emit a mixture. She will later learn to selectively choose an energy form. However, she will also still be capable of creating energy mixes. Darcie will not prove immune to her own energy blasts if they are deflected back at her.

Similar Abilities

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