Enhanced Olfaction

Sensing the enhanced smell of apples
Ability to:
have a greater sense of smell

Enhanced olfaction is the ability to have a greater sense of smell than humanly possible.



Layla James

Layla has a far greater sense of smell than humanly possible. She can smell any scent at a lower concentration than humanly possible and identify objects, people and animals by their scent, even allowing her to follow people by their scent. She can also detect fear in a person by the increase of perspiration which she can smell as well as detect other emotions from a person's biochemical base.

"The Snifffer"

"The Sniffer" has this ability and uses it effectively to aid him. He has a rather large nose also, and used the ability to help him evade capture by smelling the scents of people nearby. "The Sniffer" can identify a person from their scent and even follow a scent trail. He can easily smell the chemical composition of objects and smell the chemical signatures of different emotions.

Shaylene Bishop

Shaylene's ability gives her a much more acute and sensitive sense of smell than humanly possible. She'll be able to detect minute quantities of any scent in the air, and she'll be able to identify any person from their unique smell. She'll also be able to follow this smell in order to trail a person, and she'll be able to detect certain emotions, for example fear.

Sayuri Akiyama

Sayuri will be capable of detecting various scents at much lower concentrations than humanly possible. She will also be able to separate different smells easily no matter how combined they are. Her ability will enable her to detect some dangers, e.g. smoke from fire, poison or a person about to attack from hiding. She will be able to identify people from their scent and follow this to locate someone nearby. The ability will combine with her emotion olfaction, enabling her to smell weaker emotions and detect emotions from a further distance. 

Similar Abilities

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