Enhanced Speed
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Daphne running at super speed

Enhanced speed, also called super speed or hyper speed, is the ability to move one's body faster than humanly possible.



The ability allows someone to move their body at superhuman speed, making them move not only their legs but hands and arms faster than humanly possible. They move too fast for vision, leaving only a blur, and are also fast enough to run on water, but cannot run on air or the vacuum of space. It will allow the person to jump higher than usual, to take others with them while running, and to be immune to the effects of time being stopped. Their reflexes also seem quicker, since they never run into anything while at this speed. The ability can be used very effectively when fighting, and it has also proven to be an effective solution to Daphne's cerebral palsy, enabling her to walk and run normally too. An individual with this ability will be much faster than any one with a different ability which also enhances speed.

Similar Abilities

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