Fear Manipulation

Trapping a man in his fear of being imprisoned
Ability to:
manipulate the fears of others

Fear manipulation is the ability to sense and manipulate the fears of others.



Moira O'Brien

Moira reflexively senses the fears of others whenever she is near people, but currently she isn't always sure of what she is sensing, due to her young age. She has unknowingly used the ability to cause Rooreru Kiryuu-Connell's death by turning the fears of others into reality, and had to be negated to make it possible to revive Rooreru. In future, she will also learn to alter the fears of others, and to strengthen and weaken them.

Liz Jones

Liz mimicked the ability from Moira, and is therefore capable of the same uses as she is. However, Liz is less likely to lose control of the ability, or use it unknowingly without realising the consequences.

Katy Redham

Katy is yet to be shown using this ability, and it is not known what she can do with it. She may be able to sense the fears of others. She is likely to be able to manipulate them: possibly altering, strengthening or weakening fears. She may be able to create illusions of fears, or turn them into reality.

Deborah Petrelli-Parkman

Deborah will be able to detect the fears of others whenever she chooses to do so, making the information appear in her mind. She will also be able to change a fear, remove a fear and increase a fear until the person is terrified or it becomes an irrational phobia. She will also be able to cause realistic illusions of fears. However, she will not learn to bring fears into reality until she is an adult, and even then, doing so will exhaust her.

Similar Abilities

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