A woman being flamed
Ability to:
travel using flames and fire

Flaming, also called fire teleportation or pyroportation, is the ability to travel by the medium of fire.



Lola Elliott Athens

Lola can use this ability to travel to any location, simply by thinking of it. When she does, heat will rise at her feet, which will rapidly turn into flames. The flames will rise up, covering and enveloping her, and will then fade away and she will have gone. She can travel herself this way, take others or objects with her, or send them away. She can also flame using other fires - natural or ability-induced - but this is more difficult. She cannot travel through time with this ability.

Greg Baxendale

Greg can only currently use this ability to travel short distances. When he does, heat rises at his feet, rapidly turning into flames which rise up, covering and enveloping him. They then fade away, leaving him having vanished to a new location. He can travel himself this way and take others or objects with her. Greg is also capable of travelling through any natural fires or ability-created fires, by simply focusing on the place as he enters the fire. He cannot travel through time with this ability.

Nicole Sanchez-Hawkins

Nicole will be able to flame herself to any location she can think of. When she thinks of a place and activates this ability, she will instantly be enveloped in fire. It will not harm her, or even heat her, but it will instead transport her to the place she was thinking of. She will be able to take other people and objects with her too, and later she will develop the ability to send people and objects away without travelling herself. They will never be harmed or hurt by the fire either. Nicole will be able to flame using existing fire too, but she won't be able to travel to other times or alternate timelines, only to existing places in the present.

Similar Abilities

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