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Addison flashing fighting skills
Ability to:
equip oneself with knowledge and skills, triggered by certain names or sights

Flashing is the ability to flash information on a person or object, and certain skills.



Addison Fallow

Addison will be able to "flash" information about people, locations and objects, and could also "flash" any skills which she may require. When she flashes about a person, she will learn their name, age, occupation, location and any abilities they possess. She will normally flash from seeing a person's face, sometimes in a photo, but could also flash from a name. When she flashes about an object, she will learn its history and method of use. Her ability will be tied to her emotions.

Clone Of Braedon Gray

The clone was shown flashing to gain the skills needed to fix his car engine after he'd broken down. It was dismissed afterwards before flashing again.

Michaela Parkman

Michaela will be capable of flashing information about people and objects when she sees them. She will not have to see them directly - she could flash from a photo or film footage - but she couldn't flash from hearing or reading a name, or from hearing someone's voice. She will be able to learn people's names, ages, abilities and background information, and to learn how to use objects and their history. She could also flash skills, mainly fighting ones. As a child, she will be highly conspicuous whenever she flashes, but she will eventually learn to control her expression and hide it. However, she will never learn to disassociate the ability from her emotions. Because of this, and the fact that she will always be a highly emotional person, her ability will effectively freeze if she is too angry, upset or afraid.

Similar Abilities

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