Free Spirit
Wisp 2

A free spirit
Ability to:
free one's spirit from one's body

Free spirit is the ability to free one's spirit from one's body.



Charles can free his spirit even if his body's fine, but the ability will activate immediately if he is harmed or killed. In this form, he is immortal. He can communicate with people as a spirit, and he can enable them to see him if he wishes to. However, he cannot use the ability to free the spirits of others.

Similar Abilities

  • Spirit projection is the ability to travel in spirit form
  • Astral projection is the ability for the spirit to travel and form a temporary, semisolid body
  • Mediumship is the ability to see and communicate with ghosts
  • Necromancy is the ability to manipulate spirits and ghosts
  • Communication can also be used to communicate with spirits
  • Mediumism is the ability to communicate with others and affect the world after one's death

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