Adam freezes some pint glasses
Ability to:
cause objects to freeze upon contact
Adam Blumen

Elena Petrelli

Freezing is the ability to reduce the temperature of matter, causing it to freeze.


  • Adam Blumen possesses this ability again.
  • Elena Petrelli will also possess this ability naturally.


Adam Blumen

Adam is able to reduce the temperature within matter. Physical contact is required for him to use the ability, and whatever he touches will freeze and turn to ice. It may cause the object to break when frozen, as water contained within expands, and the process is normally irreversible.

Elena Petrelli

Elena will be able to freeze any material using physical contact. When she does this, she will absorb all of the heat from the object, and a layer of ice will often form on its surface. The object will then become brittle and easy to shatter. She will also be capable of freezing herself, forming a layer of ice over her skin, but she will never be harmed when she freezes herself. She will use this to defend herself.

Similar Abilities

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