Full Healing
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Healing amnesia
Ability to:
heal all types of injuries, illnesses and mental conditions

Full healing is the ability to heal non-physical injuries and conditions as well as healing physical illnesses and wounds.



Rhiannon Susan Maxxted

Rhi has used her ability to heal erased memories, restore energy lost from overuse of an ability, and to partially heal a stolen ability, giving a weaker one instead. She can heal emotional and mental problems, but is yet to do this. She's also healed small physical injuries, but seems to be weaker at this. She has found that she cannot heal recently removed abilities, since at this time the body is still adapting to the loss and would undo the healing. She needs skin contact, and has never healed herself.

Daniel Vaughan-Reist-Greene

Daniel ought to have the same limits as his niece, but has never used this particular ability. He can also heal others using healing touch and life/death touch.

Katie Greene

Katie too will have similar limits to her cousin.


Meresu can heal others by touching them with the palms of her hands, or by kissing them. She can heal physical injuries, and can also heal memories, emotions and abilities. She could restore deleted or lost abilities and memories, and could remove blocks and control issues. When she heals, she has to consciously choose the fault she is targeting, as nothing will be healed automatically.

Zoe Landon

Zoe will in future be able to heal by laying her hands upon the person's skin. When healing a physical wound, she will find that the ability is more effective if she can touch the actual injury, but this will not be essential - the healing will otherwise just be slower. She will also be able to heal repressed or deleted memories, emotional issues, removed or deleted abilities and blocks regarding abilities. She will also be able to use the ability on herself.

Similar Abilities

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