Gabriel Gray

Gabriel "Sylar" Gray is a canon character, owned in World 2 by Pippy. His story is quite different to canon, but it is similar, in several ways. He chose to stop killing, and to fight his hunger, similar to how he did in the exposed future. He is married to Pippy Gray, and has eight children with her, along with having adopted Luke Accera-Gray and Hannah Deveaux. He also has twin sons from a previous relationship with Elle Bishop, but he doesn't know about their relation to him and assumes that they have a different father.


Gabriel has the ability of Intuitive Aptitude, which is a powerful and difficult ability, that contains a certain hunger that is nearly impossible to control. It's a hunger for power, which is why he killed so many. It also means he knows how things work, such as watches, which is why he was such an excellent watch-maker for so many years.

Current Acquired Abilities


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