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Gareth as a child

Gareth Damien Bishop is a character used by Lowri in the future of World 2: Reflections. He will be the eldest son of Tessa Bishop and Layton Bishop, and he will have the abilities of Mirror Projection, Spectrification and Insomnia. He will have one older half-sister, and 2 younger brothers.



Gareth as an adult

Gareth takes after his mother a great deal, with brown hair which curls slightly and deep brown eyes. His skin will tan easily, and he will have a tendancy to grin broadly at almost anything. He will never pay much attention to his clothing, usually just choosing whatever is nearest, and buying anything as an adult.



Projecting an image into a mirror

Gareth's first ability will be Mirror Projection. Using this, he could project any image into a mirror, from a real place or an imaginary one. He could then manipulate the mirror to bring objects and beings from that location, or step into it and arrive in that place himself. He could also use this ability to communicate with others by sending through messages or passing his head through, and he could use it to spy on other locations.


Appearing as a spectre

His second ability is Spectrification, the ability to mimic a ghost or spectre. He could make himself intangible and either translucent or completely invisible, depending on which he chooses. He could also cause cold spots, and make animals and people feel uneasy. The ability will also give him limited telekinesis, and makes electrical devices flicker. He will be able to access his other abilities in ghostly form.

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Being immune to persuasion-induced sleep

His final ability will be Insomnia. This ability makes it impossible for him to ever sleep or even tire, however hard he tries to sleep and however much he exerts himself. He'll always have the perfect amount of energy, whatever he does. He'll be immune to all sleep-inducing drugs and to abilities such as sleep induction, lullaby, sedation and hypnokinesis. He will be immune to the sleep-inducing effect of hypnotic bubble, but not the original hypnotic effect. He will also prove immune to being forced to sleep using abilities such as human manipulation, biokinesis, songspeak, enchanted voice, persuasion, command and musical empathic projection.


History & Future

Gareth will be born in 2039. He will be 3 years old when his younger brother Carter is born, in 2042, and 5 years old when Mason is born, in 2044.


Gareth is a Welsh name which may mean "gentle". His middle name, Damien, is a Greek name which means "to tame", and also can mean "of the people" in Polish. His surname, Bishop, is an English name which means "overseer" and also a Christian religious office.

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