Genetic Mimicry
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Taylor mimicking an ability from DNA
Ability to:
mimic abilities and other genetic traits from the DNA of others

Genetic mimicry is the ability to analyse the genetics of others, and mimic certain qualities from this by altering one's own.



Taylor Petrelli

Taylor only needs the genetic contents of one cell to analyse and mimic. However, the mimicry is difficult and painful, and he cannot do it often. To date, he has used this ability to mimic the abilities of DNA manipulation and peak physical properties. He could in future use this first ability to help his mimicry, but is yet to do so because he hasn't needed to mimic another ability since. He ought to also be able to mimic other genetic traits in addition to abilities, but is yet to do this.

Barney Gray

He simply requires a touch to retrieve the genetic content he requires to mimic someone else's genetics, and while it is difficult, he will master the skill as he practices. Barney is also able to mimic other genetic traits, but it is unknown what abilities or traits he will mimic.

Peter Petrelli

Peter ought to have similar limits to Taylor, but wouldn't need to use the ability to mimic abilities since he possesses empathic mimicry. He could also alter his genetics using DNA manipulation.

Similar Abilities

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