George baby

George as a baby

George Johnathan Petrelli is a character used by Lowri in World 2: Reflections. He is the only son of Nathan Petrelli and Barbara Zimmerman-Petrelli, and the younger triplet brother of Alicia and Anna Petrelli. He possesses the abilities of Social Manipulation, Eye Manipulation and Sublimation.



George as an adult

George is similar in appearance to both of his triplet sisters. They all share the same blonde hair colouring, currently almost white, which will darken in future. His will become a slightly darker golden shade than Alicia's. His eyes are a light blue. His skin is currently pale, but he will tan easily as an adult.



Three stooges

Manipulating three people into interacting

George's first ability is the ability of Social Manipulation. This ability can manipulate society and people's interactions. It could cause enmity or amicability between any individuals, no matter how they felt before the ability is used, and it could cause attraction or repulsion between people. It could make others become friends, enemies or attracted to each other. George can also use it on himself, as well, to make others like him more than naturally, or to change the way he feels towards other individuals.

Tumblr n79fc3IJX21qltme0o1 250

Forcing poison emission to activate

His second ability is Eye Manipulation. He can use this to manipulate eyes in several ways. He can change the appearance, colouring and retinal patterns of people's eyes, including his own. He can also affect eye function: improving sight, blinding people and causing optical illusions. He can manipulate any ability which requires use of the eyes, such as enhanced vision, primal rage or poison emission. He will manifest this ability when he forces his sister Anna to access her ferity induction though her eyes.


A woman taking on gaseous form

His third and final ability is Sublimation. Using this ability, he can transform himself into gaseous molecules. It differs from air mimicry or oxygen mimicry in that his molecules keep their chemical make-up, instead of becoming air molecules or oxygen. The ability can be used to travel rapidly and to dodge attacks, as well as self-healing when reforming. He will also be invisible and intangible then, and unlike with air mimicry, he wouldn't be susceptible to aerokinetic manipulation.

Family & Relationships


George is currently nearly a year old. He and his triplet siblings, Anna and Alicia, were born early in 2018.



George is a Greek name which means "earth worker". His middle name, Johnathan, means "God has given". His surname means "rock".

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