The Alpha and Beta in their wolf forms

This is a pack of werewolves roleplayed by Pippy and Lowri in World 4: Vampires and Wolves. The pack currently contains 8 members, with another potential 5 in future. The Alpha and Beta of this pack rule the werecreature world.


The pack was formed when Bea Goldston met Erin Castor, and Erin decided to join Bea's pack. Bea became the Alpha while Erin became Beta. Bea had left her hometown because she'd suspected she'd be the only one in her generation to shift, but however, her brother Harry joined them within a few months. Before he joined, the 2 girls had met and befriended a vampire named Carita Lindstrom, and when Carita's coven, the Firelock Coven, decided to attack the Hunters who'd been pursuing them, the wolfpack helped them. Afterwards, they stayed in Japan near the coven, and were joined by Seth Grey from Erin's old pack. The 4 fought in the battle against the Malus and thus became world leaders. They were later joined by Seth's daughter and two sons, Harrison and Ethan when they reached adulthood. Kasia Lewski joined the pack as well, due to her being Bea and Harry's younger half-sister. Bea was killed during the second battle against the Malus, therefore Erin took her place as Alpha and Harry became the new Beta. This was later reversed after Bea was revived.



The palace

The pack live in the same area as the Firelock Coven. Seth, Erin, Harry and their families have chosen to live in the main palace, with Erin living in the attic. This palace is built in traditional Japanese style, and contains 5 stories as well as a series of underground cells. It is also a state palace, with state rooms filling the ground floor. The palace was specifically created by Tomas Reddan after the defeat of the Malus.

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The cottage

Bea shares a cottage with her imprint, daughter and sons. It is located on the outskirts, and the cottage is stone, and quite small in comparison to other homes. It has three bedrooms, only one bathroom, one small kitchen and one spacious living room. While the house is technically in the woods, it was built on the outside, for when Bea and Lewis first imprinted.




Other Members

Future Members

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