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Turning a picture to sand
Ability to:
covert matter into sand
Gordon Hovey

Kenny Leo

Megan Alexander

Granulation is the ability to convert matter into sand.


  • Gordon Hovey has this ability naturally.
  • Kenny Leo also has this ability naturally.
  • Megan Alexander will also have this ability naturally.


Gordon Hovey

Gordon was shown using his ability on bullets and on an agent, turning them completely into sand with a single touch. He could use the ability on both organic and non-organic materials. However, it is unknown if he could ever reverse the process, or turn something only partially into sand.

Kenny Leo

Kenny can turn small objects into sand, and can reverse the process.

Megan Alexander

Megan will be capable of transforming any material into sand, as long as she is touching it at the time. She could use her ability on living creatures and even on humans. The larger the object or being she is trying to convert into sand, the longer the transformation will take, and if her concentration is broken or her physical contact is removed then the sand transformation will only be partial - the part nearest to where she touched will be sand, but the rest will remain as it was originally. Megan will also be capable of reversing the process. However, if she has turned a person into sand, he or she will be a corpse when restored, unless Megan is augmented when she restores the individual. 

Similar Abilities

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