Hair Manipulation
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Manipulating hair to trap a man
Ability to:
manipulate hair
Paul Harding

Miss Alfrenzo

Jenna Petrelli-Parkman

Hair manipulation, also known as chaetokinesis, is the ability to manipulate hair.


  • Paul Harding had this ability naturally.
  • Miss Alfrenzo also has this ability naturally.
  • Jenna Petrelli-Parkman will have this ability naturally.


Paul Harding

It is known that Paul could manipulate all types of hair on his own body. It is not known if he could also manipulate the hair of others. It is also unknown whether or not this ability is limited to only human hair.

Miss Alfrenzo

Miss Alfrenzo showed that she was able to manipulate the growth of hair on others and said that she could "cure" baldness. She thus used her ability to gain money and earn a living. Her own hair was described as long, flowing, beautiful and golden, but is unknown whether this was natural or an effect of her ability. It is also unknown if she could manipulate the hairs of animals.

Jenna Petrelli-Parkman

Jenna will be able to manipulate her own hair and the hair of others. It is known that she will be capable of manipulating facial hair too. She will be able to change hair length, texture and colour with just a thought, and will be able to force hair to grow at a rapid rate. She will also be able to control the movement of hair. By doing this, she will be able to trap a person in hair or use hair as a weapon to strangle.

Similar Abilities

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