Healing Touch
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Healing a man
Ability to:
heal oneself and others with a physical touch

Healing touch is the ability to heal oneself and others with a physical touch.



Jason Firelock-Reddan

Jason will be able to heal others with a touch, and will also be able to heal himself. However, he will not need to do so often, since he will have natural vampiric healing, and will usually only rely on it if his normal healing is compromised. When he uses this ability, a glowing yellow light will surround both his hands and the wound he is healing. He will manifest this ability before he is even born.

Jace Petrelli

Using this ability, Jace will be capable of healing any living thing with a touch. The touch won't have to be directly on the injury, or even skin contact, as contact through clothing will work. The ability could also heal memory erasure by healing the scars formed on the brain, and it could revive if the death was recent and the body is in a good enough condition. When this ability is used, a yellow glowing light will surround his hands, fading once the healing is done.

Leora Tanner

Leora will be capable of healing people if she has skin contact with them. Her ability will be able to remove and reverse any damage, including wounds, illnesses and poisoning. Initially, she will only be able to heal others. However, after being augmented once she will have the capacity to heal herself as well, again using skin contact on her own body. Normally, she will access the ability through her hands, and they will emit a yellow glow as she heals.

Similar Abilities

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