Health Optimising

Emitting an optimising pulse
Ability to:
sense the health of others and emit a pulse which places people in perfect health

Health optimising is the ability to sense a person's health and to emit an optimising pulse which returns the person to a healthier state.




Marc can sense and assess a person's health, be it physical, mental or emotional, and he can then send a "pulse" which induces the optimal qualities to help restore a person to a healthier state. Marc has shown that he is able to give confidence boosts to other people as well as cause others to become more "weak willed", becoming more compliant and less reserved.


Lauren can check a person's state of health upon sight. She can detect their mental, physical and emotional health and see if they have any deficiencies in their body or even any illnesses or conditions. She can then restore their body to its natural state by sending out a pulse of energy. However Lauren could only access this ability if she wore her ring, since she placed the ability inside of it. When the ability is augmented, it can restore a dead person to life.

Hy Conrad

Hy can sense a person's mental, physical and emotional health and detect any deficiencies or changes within the body. She is then able to send a "pulse" which induces the optimal qualities to help restore a person to a healthier state. In addition to healing different injuries and illnesses, she can help people physically, emotionally and psychologically. This pulse can also give someone a confidence boost or make them less reserved and more compliant. She is known to have used the ability to detect an early pregnancy upon sight by sensing the change in the woman's health.

Cole Sanchez-Hawkins-Parkman

Cole will be able to sense a person's health when he is near that individual and focuses upon him or her. Normally he will perceive physical health. However, with a greater effort he will also be able to perceive mental or emotional issues if there are no physical problems to cloud them. He will also have the capacity to emit a health optimising pulse. This will be projected from his hands and will appear like white light. It will improve the person's health and restore them to an optimal state.

Similar Abilities

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