Heat Generation
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Francesca heats her hand
Ability to:
heat objects by touch

Heat generation is the ability to heat an object by touching it.



Mrs. Comey

Mrs. Comey was only shown using the ability to heat a waffle iron. It is not known what other objects can be heated, apart from metallic ones, and it is also unknown if she could use the ability on humans.

Noah Gray

Noah has similar limits to Mrs. Comey. He has never displayed this particular ability since he possesses other abilities which can be used to heat.

Abbie Gray

Abbie has the same limits as her brother.

Peter Petrelli

Peter has the same limits as Abbie and Noah.

Artis S. Lawson Jr

Artis accidentally heated a gun when he first manifested the ability, causing it to fire. It is unknown how he has used it since.

Member Of The Chasers

The man used the ability on Elan Vaughan-Reist-Greene-Maxxted when she ran into him at enhanced speed, and on Lola Sanchez-Hawkins when she attempted to use life/death touch on him. This forced both women to let him go and move away before they were burned. He is the only person known to have used the ability on a living people. However, he couldn't protect himself from Mark Hawkins since Mark simply phased through the heat. Earlier, either this ability or pyrokinesis was also used to set Mark and Lola's home on fire.

Francesca Alexander

This ability will enable Francesca to create heat and project it from the palms of her hands. She will normally do this by touching whatever objects she desires to heat. She will also be able to heat the air around her hands and then move the heat outwards, but this will be slower than heating something directly. Her ability could be used to melt make objects too hot to handle, cause burns and create fires. She could even melt metal or kill a person with the heat if she used her ability intensely enough. However, she will only be able to access it through her hands, meaning that she couldn't use it if her hands were incapacitated. She also won't be immune to the ability and could potentially be forced to use it upon herself. 

Similar Abilities

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