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Freeing a woman trapped in a fire
Ability to:
Act like a hero in circumstances

Heroism is the ability to act like a hero in certain circumstances, therefore being able to face situations one wouldn't usually face, save others before oneself and become fearless.




Athena becomes generally lucky in any situation which would enable her to save others and to be heroic successfully. She becomes overwhelmed with the urge to save people, and is willing take any risk and do anything to make sure others are safe. It makes her fearless and strong-willed. It is unknown if this ability actually allows her to manipulate luck or if the good luck just comes naturally to her.

Nathan Petrelli

Unlike with Athena, this ability is not always active in Nathan; he can activate it and deactivate it at will. When he chooses to, he can feel incredibly driven to save others, whatever the risk or cost to himself, and he doesn't even feel any fear or sorrow over possible costs. When he does this, he also become incredibly lucky, and is guided in how to save the victim. He also gains resistance and limited immunity to several manipulating abilities which would otherwise prevent him from being heroic.

Peter Petrelli

Peter would have similar limits to his brother.

Abbie Gray

Abbie too would have similar limits to Nathan.

Noah Gray

Noah too has similar limits to his uncle Nathan.

Aoki Petrelli

Aoki will be able to consciously activate this ability and then drive himself to act heroically in dangerous situations. He will then protect others at any cost and will be fearless, strong-willed and determined. The ability will increase his luck and will guide him towards acts of heroism.

Similar Abilities

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