Claire regenerates

Emily reflexively heals when unconscious
Ability to:
heal oneself when asleep or unconscious

Hibernation is the ability for the body to heal and regenerate during sleep or unconsciousness.



Emily Herriot

Emily can recover from any injury using this ability, as long as she manages to fall asleep. However, the ability means she can fall asleep almost instantly, and would never suffer from insomnia. It also works if she is knocked unconscious when injured, or if her sleep is induced. She can also recover from most illnesses in her sleep, but it is unknown how the ability would deal with something like the Shanti virus.

Blaine Petrelli

Blaine will be able to heal from any injury or illness in his sleep, or when he is unconscious. However, because of his other ability, choosing to heal in this manner would also mean that he sacrificed his current temporary ability. Unlike Emily, he will not be able to control his sleep patterns finely or force himself to sleep instantly.

Daniella Riordan

Daniella will in future be able to heal from any injury in her sleep. She will be able to recover from wounds, illnesses and poisons as long as she can be unconscious. However, her sleep will have to be natural. She will not heal if she is knocked out or if her sleep is caused by another ability's effects or by drugs. As her ability develops, she will also learn to put herself to sleep much more quickly, disregarding distractions, and her healing will occur more rapidly.

Charlene Parkman

Charlene's ability will enable her body to heal itself from any injury or illness while she is unconscious. She could be naturally asleep, knocked unconscious, drugged or forced to sleep. The healing will always occur within minutes, no matter how extreme the damage. However, she will be unable to heal if she is prevented from sleeping.

Similar Abilities

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