History Alteration
Clairsentience in Acceptance

A toy plane gives a different clairsentient history
Ability to:
alter memories, clairsentient histories and historic records

History alteration is the ability to alter clairsentient histories, memories and historic records.



Katherine Bishop

Katherine can use this ability skillfully to alter the history of any person or object. She can thus remove any memories anyone would have of the specific events, and alter things so that a clairsentient would perceive a different result, as well as editing written and photographic evidence of the event. However, the real history will remain true. She is known to have used this ability to hide the true paternity of her youngest daughter. However, this made the girl's history and mind in a way "broken", which could be detected using intuitive aptitude and, with effort, the truth could be telepathically revealed.

Simon Petrelli

Simon is able to change the memories of others when he touches them, and can change photographic and written records when he touches these objects. If he focuses intently, he is also able to remove the clairsentient history of an object and give it another. However, the real history doesn't change, it is just made undetectable hidden beneath a lie.

Abbie Gray

Abbie has the same limits as her cousin, Simon.

Noah Gray

Noah too has the same limits as Simon.

Jessica Sky Petrelli

Jess has the same limits as her grandmother.

Robert Max

Robert also has the same limits as Katherine.

Peter Petrelli

Peter has the same limits as Katherine in World 8, and as Simon in World 2.

Similar Abilities

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