Hormonal Manipulation

Using the ability to attract others
Ability to:
manipulate hormones within the body

Hormonal manipulation, also named hormokinesis, is the ability to change and manipulate hormones within the body.



Kano Masahashi

With this ability, Kano is able to cause physical differences in himself and in other people, as well as altering the biological aspects that hormones control in people. This doesn't change appearance drastically, but it can alter height slightly and can alter the way a person grows. As well as this, Kano is able to cause mood swings in people, and is able to cause fights and arguments. He has also been seen to be able to make people attracted towards him, by controlling their hormones. He can cause people to have hunger cravings, limitedly control the regulation of metabolism and also limitedly control the reproductive cycle.

Beatrice Petrelli

Beatrice will be capable of manipulating hormones within her own body and the bodies of others. She will be able to induce growth and increase a person's height, and will also be able to change a person's weight by manipulating their metabolic rates. Controlling hormones will also let her manipulate emotions. She will be able to induce aggressive behaviour and cause fights, raise tension between people and create sexual attraction. She will also be able to induce an adrenaline reaction in people. This will prepare their body to fight or to flee, making them act as if danger is present.

Similar Abilities

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