Human Manipulation
Healing touch

Using the ability to heal
Ability to:
manipulate the human body via touch

Human manipulation is the ability to sense and manipulate all the workings of the human body upon skin-to-skin contact.



Rooreru Juuri Kiryuu-Connell

Rooreru has gained great skill in the healing apect of the ability, but she has never learned to use it upon herself, despite having made the attempt a few times when wounded. She is also limited in its other aspects, due to a reluctance to develop them after she once used the ability to kill in self-defence. However, when forced she is willing to use it to sedate any enemies, knocking them out or forcing them to sleep. She has used it a few times to manipulate genetics, giving a person an ability twice and removing an ability once. She has also once used it to heal damage to the brain caused by repeated telepathic control. She can revive skillfully when augmented. She senses information about a person's body every time she touches someone, though usually only the more significant revelations remain with her. Theoretically, she could use the ability to alter appearance and physical age, but she has never attempted to do so. Like all other characters who possess this ability, she requires skin-to-skin contact. When she first manifested the ability would trigger her to enter a trance whenever she'd touch someone, but she has since learned to control this and combine it with her usual consciousness and senses.

Keitaro Kiryuu

By now Keitaro has similar limits to his sister Rooreru, but is a little weaker at healing, since he doesn't use it daily to earn himself a living. However, he has used it to revive more times than she is. He can augment himself to achieve this.

Liz Jones

Liz should have similar limits to Rooreru and Keitaro.

Lowri Elan Petrelli

Lowri had developed this ability extensively, and trained with it often. She is highly skilled with it and had fully developed all aspects. However, she lost aspects of the ability when she was drained. Now she cannot revive or alter genetics, and her self-healing is more limited to consciousness. Thus, she can use the ability to gain information from the bodies of others, heal herself and others, knock others unconscious, and kill. She has discovered a few circumstances which the ability cannot heal, such as Draining, Death Aura and energy loss from overusing Command. She can also to some extent control movement with it, and change thoughts and mood, but her skill in this is limited because she feels it would be unethical to do so, and therefore she doesn't practice it. She can also manipulate physical age, and has used this aspect to make herself and a few other people immortal. She is planning to do so for all of her children, when they are adults. She may be capable of changing appearance, too. Like all other characters, she always requires skin-to-skin contact, and at first was drawn into a trance at all contact but has learned to control this. She is the character with the greatest skill and knowledge of the ability (even though she's the weakest with it in World 2), due to her extensive training and the fact she needs constant use of it to remain healthy and living.

Peter Petrelli

Peter's limits are similar to what Lowri's were before weakening, possibly slightly lower. He usually uses it to heal and to revive.

Noah Gray

Noah's limits with this ability are similar to Peter's.

Abbie Gray

Abbie's limits are also similar to Peter's.

Unnamed Villain

The villain was shown using the ability to heal himself, and to manipulate Leo Castern's movements so that he was forced to shoot his Company partner, Rhia Jones. He did not display any of the other aspects of the ability, and it is unknown how many of them he had developed.

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