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Lucy reforming from water
Ability to:
create, manipulate and mimic water

Hydrokinesis is the ability to create, mimic and manipulate water.



Alec Petrelli

Alec can create, mimic and manipulate water. His future self has often been shown using his ability offensively to drown others by filling their lungs with water, and it means he cannot be drowned himself since he would just reflexively absorb the water and be unharmed. However, he doesn't mimic water reflexively, and therefore can still be harmed physically if he doesn't see a threat and react in time.

Peter Petrelli

Peter would have the same limits as Alec, save the fact that he could mimic water reflexively when hurt due to his cryokinesis, if his regeneration were to fail.

Abbie Gray

Abbie has similar limits to Peter.

Noah Gray

Noah has similar limits to Peter and his sister.


Jennylee can also manipulate and mimic water. She uses her ability to turn her enemies into water and then absorbs it to make herself stronger.

Lucy Scott

Her limits are unknown, and she has never been shown using the ability. However it can be assumed that she has skill and control, since she teaches use of the ability at the Gifted Academy.

Similar Abilities

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