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Making a vase explode
Ability to:
cause water-based explosions

Hydroplosion is the ability to create water-based explosions.


  • Dante Lake has this ability naturally.
  • Ms. Aston also possesses this ability, inherited from her ancestors.
  • Collin Redford will possess this ability naturally.


This ability can be used to create water-based explosions from one's hands which can be thrown at a target, or to place the explosions inside an object or a person, killing or destroying when detonated, and turning the remains into water. This water can then be absorbed, as can any other water too, meaning that these characters can also never drown. Dante was shown detonating a previously placed water bomb at will, clenching his fist to activate it. He claimed that it would have activated in a few months' time anyway, if it wasn't physically destroyed. He was also shown turning bullets into water explosions as they struck his body, leaving him unharmed. However, neither he, Collin nor Ms. Aston can manipulate water in any other way, or create it without using an explosion.

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